Prices for Wedding Photography in and around Indianapolis

It comes up regularly in wedding publications, and I hear it personally: The number one regret brides have looking back at their wedding is underestimating the importance of their photography. This ends in not choosing the photographer you really want. And it nearly always comes down to dollars. But how much are your memories worth? After the wedding day, you’ve got what’s in your head, and what’s in an album. And maybe a piece of cake stuck in the back of your freezer — but that’s about it.

Photography is an art form and therefore not well-suited for shopping by price. Wedding photography is personal and I ask that you choose your artist based on their talent, creativity and personal rapport with you. With that said, I ask you to consider the following:

Imagine you’re looking for a romantic partner, so you register on a dating web site to try to find the ideal person. This site, however, is unusual in that there are no photographs and no information about any of the people on there. The only clue you have about anyone is how much he or she would expect you to spend on their birthday present. How would that affect your choice? Wouldn’t you be more interested in finding out about their personality, character, age and looks than something that could only be described as a price?

I really hope you answered “yes.”

I’m here to be a part of your memories, and capture a vision and creativity that best reflects what’s in your heart. Even if I’m not your final choice for whatever reason, please make sure whoever you choose as your photographer is someone that you can connect with. Someone you can be yourself with.

For additional pricing information for prints, albums, gallery wrap canvas prints, fine art prints, accordion books and other items contact me.

  • Wedding Collections
  • Start at $2,280
  • No two weddings are alike, just as no two people are alike. Please contact me with your wedding date and as many details as possible so that I can provide you with the most accurate estimate possible.
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  • Engagement Session
  • $200 for one & a half hours
  • Some of my wedding collections include an engagement shoot. Contact me to discuss which option might be best for the two of you.
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