Magazine style portraits for everyday people

Let’s start a conversation about beauty, and change the way the world and the media define it. Let’s embrace the freedom and confidence about being comfortable in our own skin. There is no greater joy than showing people a portrait of themselves that takes their breath away.

It’s a personal alchemy-equal parts movement, contrast, light, and depth—that creates exquisite images. And being comfortable with each other is key in capturing the kind of images you’ll want to loo at over and over again.

Whether it’s a commissioned “magazine style” contemporary portrait (HS seniors, glamour, maternity), editorial work, or developing personal branding for your professional life, I promise you that we’ll work together to create the very best representation of you.

I can’t wait to meet!

Kind Words

  • “Today, I did something so unlike me. I had a series of professional photographs taken of me to celebrate my 80th birthday. I knew the photographs would be nice, but I was amazed at the result. She was delightful to work with. Susanna was able to reflect back the many parts of who I am. The shoot was a lot of fun, and the process was very interesting. It gave me a new outlook on aging. The process of selecting the photographs I liked from the many she presented was also a learning experience, as she saw things in each photo I did not immediately see. I developed more confidence in myself, and developed stronger feelings about my passions. I’m so very glad I decided to experience a photo shoot with Susanna.”
    Mary Jo Clark
  • “Susanna Tanner Photography, according to my friends, struck a home run in capturing my personality and spirit. I didn’t know what to expect but she made me very comfortable and to my surprise had a substitute for a dress I really wasn’t excited about. Her substitution was perfect and set the tone for our entire photoshoot! I would encourage every woman no matter the age to treat yourself to a great photoshoot. My pictures are definitely keepsakes.”
    Sharon Harlin Davis
  • “Working with Susanna Tanner made my senior photo experience so special! Not only was she extremely open about the creative process, but she provided an extremely comfortable environment to express ideas. The safe atmosphere helped take away a lot of the common-place awkwardness and we worked together to capture memories my family and I will be so fond of for years to come. The photo-taking process was a joy, and the reveal and conversation about the final products were very thoughtfully presented. The experience was truly as priceless as the photos themselves!”
    Coral Gregory